Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sunshine and Daisies Summer Outfits (Links to Free Doll Clothes Patterns)

 One pack of 6 fat quarters, one pack of 20 2.5" x 44" coordinating strips, eight summer outfits.

Outfit 1:  Lee and Pearl Bonjour Dress
Outfit 2:  Lee and Pearl Bonjour Tunic and Shorts
Paris Mini Wardrobe Free Pattern from Lee and Pearl:  These patterns came together really easily.  The dress would have looked better without the ruffles on the sleeves, I think.

Outfit 3:  LJC Bandeau top and mini skirt
Outfit 4:  LJC Peplum top and ruffled capris
Discoveries:  I actually hate the peplum top pattern and will probably put that out of my pattern rotation for the time being.  And the capris...I'm pretty sure that front leg pieces are upside down, but somehow the pattern still worked.  The bandeau top and mini skirt were quick and easy to make.

Outfit 5:  Carpatina sundress with patchwork maxi skirt
Carpatina Sundress Pattern:  This is the third time I've played with this bodice pattern, and as it turns out, I dislike the look of it and won't use it again for sundresses.

Outfit 6:  Peasant blouse and tiered broomstick maxi skirt
Gathers are a pain in the arse.  Enough said.

Outfit 7:  JenWrenne's 1930s embroidered dress
JenWrenne's 1930s Dress Pattern:  I decided to use some daisy applique trim I had on hand instead of embroidery.  The background fabric clashes a bit too much for my liking, but it's still cute overall.

Outfit 8:  JenWrenne's Pointed yoke dress
JenWrenne's Pointed yoke dress:  This came out better than it had any right to given the fabric.  I used contrasting strips to make the pleats.  When using this pattern, extend the bodice by 0.5" to fit AG dolls.  Otherwise it's too short and you can't set in the sleeves.  Sleeves are from the BunnyBear 1940s tiered dress pattern (here).

Kana and Shepard at the Museum of Science

Kana here.  On Saturday, the human, Shepard, and I met up with PhineasFogg (with Emily and Addy) at the Museum of Science in Boston.  (Note:  museums are full of children and families on Memorial Day weekend.  Perhaps we shall try this again when there are less people.)

Here we are playing with the design challenge of making a claw for a claw grabber game.  The small children chased off our humans from the station, so we went to watch the lightning show instead.

The Van de Graff generators here are three stories tall.

 We, alas, did not get to play inside the life-size replica of the Apollo capsule.  See above for 'the museum was full of small children and we were lucky that no small children tried to grab us.'  But Shep got some time pictures playing in the machinery.  It's cool.  She always does this.

 Cliff the Triceratops is still adorable.

I think that's a giant chunk of lava that Shep and I are posing next to.  And somehow one of the displays had a tiny beach setup that I had to go play in.

It was, in general, a beautiful late spring day.  We wanted to pose next to the fountain, but the human (and the wind) convinced us otherwise.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sailor Suits (Free Sailor Blouse Pattern)

Nothing says 'classy magical girl' like sailor suits
The last batch of sewing turn out these two little sailor suits for Sam and Nellie.  Aren't they cute?

Sam's outfit was made from the free sailor suit pattern by JenWrenne in the style of a Japanese school uniform.  The top is made from white linen and the collar, cuffs, and skirt are from a navy linen.  I used 1/8" ribbon to trim the collar and cuffs.  If you're using the contrast cuffs, reduce the length of the sleeve by 0.5" to 0.75".

Nellie's two piece suit was of my own design with a sailor blouse over a pleated skirt with an attached undershirt.  I was going with a more traditional 1900s play outfit with this.  The tunic and skirt are made from a light blue check suiting.  The undershirt, collar, and cuffs are from white linen.  The pattern for the sailor blouse is here.  It includes the tunic and the collar.  Use the sleeves that come with Samantha's Christmas Dress here.  Sorry, no instructions this time.

Monday, April 27, 2015


I had some posts planned about a new free sailor suit pattern and a photoshoot with the retro diner.  And then the camera broke.

So this is going to be delayed until I either figure out how to take good pictures with my phone or get a new camera.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Kana's Beach Vacation

Federal Point, NC

The friendly alligator at the NC Cape Fear Aquarium
Carolina Beach, NC

She sells sea shells by the sea shore.
Arlie Gardens, Wilmington, NC 

Wilmington, NC boardwalk with the battleship North Carolina
in the distance

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Kana's Easter Goodies (Free Printables)

Kana here.  We (the human and myself) are about to go to the beach for a week.  I've been there before, but this year, the human was too busy to make me an entire new wardrobe for the trip.  I'll have to make do with (horror of horrors) last season's dresses.

However, we have had enough time to make some cute Easter printables, with two little coloring/activity books, a bunny box, a tiny basket, and some coloring pages.  The baskets work best if you print them on cardstock.

Easter Printables

Instead of new clothes, there's all the spring themed truffles that I could possibly want.

For the record, the human is no longer allowed to play silly constraint games when packaging my candy into boxes.  It took her forever last time.  I think at the beach, we're going to make some beach themed candy for me.

And of course we made more chocolate mice.  Maybe next time we'll do chocolate frogs?

Sunday, March 29, 2015

A girl and her Gundam

Every proper young lady needs a giant robot
...and an army to go with said robot