Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Valentine's Day Party

Kana here with a giant pile of Valentine's Day toys that the human bought.  The other girls are coming to play with them all.  (You can tell that the human is well over the age of the target audience.  Please stop now if you disapprove of cards or whiskey.)

Writing out invitations and lists

Samantha:  Not fair.  You're going to win because you went first.
Nellie:  That's because we're playing Tic Tac Toe.

Nellie:  Kirsten, do you want to play too? 
Kirsten:  No thanks.  I'm going to read more.

Samantha:  OK, how about Connect 4?
Nellie:  Still going to win.
Samantha: <Language unsuitable for young ladies>

Kana:  Sam, language please.

Samantha:  You can't possibly win at all the games...

Nellie:  Guess who has the double blank?
Samantha: ARGH.

Kana:  What about a game of cards?
Samantha:  What do you want to play? 
Kana:  Go Fish, Hearts, or Crazy Eights.
Nellie:  Boring.
Shepard:  How about Texas Hold'em?   What are we betting?
Shepard:  Fine, fine.
Everyone else:  *sigh*  You're no fun, human.

Shepard:  I'll deal.

Kana:  I think I'm going to fold.
Kirsten:  Me too. 
Shepard:  So it's down to Sam and Nellie.
Sam:  I'm so winning this time.
Nellie:  I'm so going to call your bluff.
Samantha:  Ha!  Two pairs to your nothing.
Nellie:  Next time, just you wait.
Kana:  Does anyone want to order food?
Shepard:  I know someplace that delivers.  

Samantha:  Sandwiches!
Nellie:  Sushi!
Kirsten:  Macarons!
Shepard:  I'll make the call.

R2:  Beep beep

R2:  Beep boop

R2:  Beep di doo deep
Shepard:  So the sushi's coming and dessert is running late and we get free drinks.
R2:  Beep boop

Nellie:  Awesome, they have onigiri.

Kirsten:  Macarons and cream puffs!

Shepard:  So, drink orders.

Samantha:  You get to pick.
Kana:  Shepard, no.  I don't care if that's your usual order at this place. 
Kana:  Green tea, milkshakes and soda.  Much better.
Kana:  That was fun.  So, who's hosting next time?

How about meeeeeow?

Kana's Valentine's Day Dress

Patterns Used:  KeeperDollyDuds Simplicity 1940s dresses

Cotton prints and ribbons from my stash that I was frankly sick of hoarding.  The ribbons came from either sales at Joann's or garage sales, and as with fabric, the stash breeds faster than I can use them.

Thoughts:  This was a easy pattern, and would have been quicker had I not decided to add rows of braid to the bodice, skirt, and cuffs.  I think the braid helps with the contrast.

Kanani shows off her room

Hi, I'm Kanami, but the other dolls (and the human) call me Kana.  This room is only temporary because the human would like to have her floorspace, but I'm going to have a party soon and I need a place for it.  The human has kindly helped me decorate.  My room is a combination of a bedroom and a parlor.  It's very Victorian right now, but that may change in the future.

This half of the room is the bedroom.  I have a set of pretty lace pillowcases and a purple scrap quilt.  (I think I would have preferred blue, but the human used all the blue scraps for something else already.)  I have my bed, my nightstand, and my bedtime reading.

 One of the human's friends brought us an antique copy of 'The Happy Prince' by Oscar Wilde, and I've claimed it for myself.  The vanity could use a toilet cloth, but hey, a girl can't have everything.  I keep my jewelry box, a book of fairy tales, and some bottles of rosewater.  The bottle in the back is my favorite.  It's real persian glass, and very delicate.  The human brought it home wrapped in silk.  I also have a silver comb and mirror and a little lace handkerchief.  On the bottom shelf, I keep my lunchbox and a pitcher for water.

The other half of my room is set up as a parlor.  I have an old wingback chair and an ottoman that gets used a table when I sit on the floor.  I don't have any pets yet, but that's only because none of the animals have come by to visit.  I also have a little glass cabinet to keep books and decorations.
 The top of the cabinet has my (really Samantha's but I'm borrowing it for now) stereoscope, a real miniature old lamp, and a set of blue-and-white china.  I like to pretend that's it's official Ming dynasty willoware, but I don't think the human can afford the actual thing.  I keep my library inside the cabinet as well as my music box and a little ship-in-a-bottle.

So that's my (temporary) room.  What do you think?

New bed and bedding for the dolls

Once upon a time, I found a doll bed and nightstand at a garage sale for something like $5, but I never did anything with it.  This year, I decided I was going to do the AGPlaythings Make 50 Things for Dolls challenge, and started with making the bedding for the stray bed.

I started by using the plans here to make the mattress.  The finished size is 20"x9"x2".  The mattress is stuffed with scraps of an old bathrobe.  I also made a pair of pillows, the larger one at 9"x6" and the smaller at 7"x5".

I also made a scrap quilt from fabric scraps left from making doll clothes and various other garage sale finds.  I may have used up all the purple fabric in my quilting stash.  It's made from 5 strips of 16 5"x2" pieces of fabric for a final size of 23"x24.5".  The backing is a southwestern print.

For a final touch, I made pillow cases out of more scrap fabric (I had some scraps with lace edging already attached) and a tiny lace throw pillow.
Kanani approves of her new bedding.

As does the kitten.