Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Thifty Pamphlet for Kit

A replica of a 1918 pamphlet on the values of thrift and how much a child costs their parents.
Get the doll sized version here.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Random Crafting

In progress science/alchemy/potions lab

Chocolate frogs

Fantasy coins

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Tres Rich Heures de Duc Barry

Kana desu.  Here we are again with myself and Shep as the official spokesdolls for Jinjia Mixed Goods at any and all SCA events our human attends.  We were up in Maine this past weekend at the Great Northeaster War, and we just got back.  I'm in another new yukata that has pink, white, and silver balls on a black background.  Shep is less than pleased because our human stuffed her into a dress to show off the belts and journals and quill pens for sale.  It's probably a good thing our human made sure Shep didn't have any weapons with her this time.

(We will also not mention the number of times someone was sure Shep was completely evil and out to kill them.  It's her eyes, I think.  Don't tell her I said that.)

Shepard:  The dress is fine.  The hair clip is not.
Kana:  BUT IT HAS A TINY ITTY BITTY PAPER CRANE ON IT!  How can you not like it?!
Shepard:  Because I'm not you.  I bet the human would give you one too if you asked.  Or didn't ask.
Kana:  She tried already and couldn't get it in my hair because it's pulled back too tight.  And she wouldn't let me take my hair down...

But, now that I have found my glasses (I can't read anything without them), it's time to show off the main attraction:  Tres Rich Heures de Duc Barry

Our human made this right before we left, and she kept playing with it the entire weekend.  I hardly had any time to read it myself.  Please do admire the blue leather cover.  It's a light gloveweight leather in royal iridescent blue, and the picture does not do it justice.

(Yes, that is a jar full of paper cranes.  No, our human will not run a raffle to guess how many cranes are in it because then she would have to count them.  By our best estimate, there's something like 2700 cranes in there.)

And  TA-DA!  This has 92 pages of illuminations and text, including the calendar in the very beginning.  It didn't photograph well, so our human isn't showing it here.  This little book has the full calendar, the first section of text, and after that, every full page illumination that the real book has.  The blue of the cover matches the blue in the illustrations perfectly.


What do you think?  If you want a copy for yourself, I suggest you contact our human at jinjia.mixed.goods@gmail.com or through her etsy shop here for a custom order, because I'm not going to give up my copy.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A medieval scriptorium

OK, human, why am I the one practicing calligraphy for you?  Why can't you get one of the other girls to do it?

...it's because I'm the only one who's decently dressed right now isn't it?

It totally is.  Maybe next time you won't use aggressively seasonal prints to make our clothing.  I saw you eyeing that box of horrible Halloween prints this morning.  Just no.

That said, I really like this journal.  And pen.  Do I get to keep them?

Wait, why am I asking?  We NEVER get to keep anything you make.  They all vanish somewhere a week after you make them.  Except for the horribly seasonal doll clothes.  Those we're stuck with, and even we don't want them.

Oh well, it's not like you're expecting me to illuminate a copy of a Book of Hours for you or anything.  This notebook isn't big enough for that.

...you actually did want a Book of Hours.

I hate you, human.

All complaining from Nellie aside, I made a bunch of little leatherbound notebooks and matching quill pens this past weekend.  The pens actually write.  The books have 32 pages, and the paper is all high quality calligraphy paper with gold or silver swirls.  The binding is actually leather, and the inner covers are lined with scraps of origami paper.  If these do well at the event I'm going to this weekend, I'll think about adding some to my Etsy store.

If you'd be interested in a set, please let me know.

And for a bonus non-sequitor, I finally got around to clearing up enough space to set up the OG diner with all the various little food bits from other sets I have.  I think at this point I vastly prefer OG food and accessories to AG.  I'm not willing to pay double or triple the price for something I can get that is 'cute enough'.

Of course, no sooner had I set all of this up did the girls ask for the diner to be converted into a science lab.  And since one Valerie Felicity Frizzle is expected to move in this fall, it's probably not a bad idea.  I'll keep you posted on future developments of the Friz and her lab.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Summer Sewing

Just showing off some of the summer outfits I made this month.

Aggressively Patriotic
 Part 1 is me playing with some (as my friends call it) aggressively patriotic fabrics and JenWrenne's pattern for a replica of Kit's Chicken Keeping outfit.  I made 2 variations, the jumper and the overalls.

Here's E (we're still trying to figure out who this girl really is.  For sure, she's not an 1850s pioneer, but other than that, none of us have any ideas.  Mostly because I'm vetoing 'queen of the world' as a valid persona.) showing off the jumper and the red polka dot blouse.  The jumper closes in the back with velcro.  I had some red, white, and blue grosgrain ribbon that I used for the straps.  The blouse has 5 little buttons down the front and closes with snaps.  If you have this pattern or plan on using it, keep in mind you'll want to take 0.75" or 1" off both sides in the back (waistband and skirt).

And here's Kana in the overalls version.   I...did not like the fit of the pants.  At all.  The back seemed too short, and the waist seemed too baggy all at the same time.  The blouse pattern is fine, and I will keep the blouse from this outfit, but the overalls are headed to a donation bin.

Modern and Casual
 Part 2 is another set of JenWrenne's patterns, this time her summer sew-along.  (If you can't tell, I really like her designs and patterns.  Well, for the most part.)  It's a 4 piece mix-and-match knits wardrobe with a tank top, a reversible skirt, a boat-neck shirt, and a pair of leggings.  I didn't have any patterned knits, so I used some iron-on appliques to spice up the plain tshirt fabric.

These patterns were pretty quick and easy.  With the exception of the waistband on the reversible skirt.  That was a royal pain to keep all the layers straight.  The tank top and the boat neck shirt took maybe 30min each.  Also, I really enjoyed using the rhinestone butterfly on the tank top.  My girls rarely get anything modern and (somewhat) trendy, so they're definitely enjoying this.  (That's fine.  It won't last.  I have a horrible color scheme planned for some new patterns I'm buying.)

Here's Sam showing off the reversible skirt and the layering.  It doesn't look half bad all layered together, though I prefer it separately.  Next up might have to be some denim to go with all the black tshirts.

Samantha's fantasy adventure dress and accessories (Free dress pattern)

Out in the woods
I thought other people with geeky dolls might want to make their dolls similar outfits and accessories, so I've made up a quick pattern for this outfit, including the dress, belt, and belt pouch.

Fantasy Adventure Dress and Accessories

The dress is a modified pattern from the original 1912 Mary Frances Sewing book.  If you want more explicit instructions, look at the morning dress pattern instructions from the book.  (The Mary Frances Sewing Book).  I didn't use the extended placket to close the back, but just slit it down all the way, sewed about 1/3 of the way up, and closed it with velcro.

Let me know what you think of this pattern.  I'd love to see anything you make from it.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Samantha goes LARPing

Getting packed and checking costumes
Samantha here.  This past weekend, the human took me out to her LARP (live action role playing game).  Actually she took me the last time she went as well, only we didn't take pictures that time.  I have a face character of my very own, and last time the players had to find and rescue me.  (I was picking flowers somewhere dangerous.  I was fine.  I swear.)

I have a new face character this time, to go with my human's characters.  She even made me a new dress and some accessories for my new role.  Usually I wear the blue dress and the floral wreath.

Sleeve embroidery and a new belt and belt pouch
 The green dress is a really simple T tunic/dress.  The human made it in something like 30 minutes, even counting the machine embroidery at the hem.  The trim on the sleeves was left over from the human making other LARP costuming, so I lucked out.  It matches my dress perfectly.  The human also made me a leather belt and a belt pouch to go on it.  The pouch has a black bead as a fastener and opens and closes.  I stored a gem in it to give to the players.

 It actually took a while to pack everything.  I had to remember water and sunscreen and bug spray (and more water because it was 87 degrees out all weekend).  And then the backpack wasn't big enough for everything, so I had to wear my new belt and my wreath on the trip.

Settling in at the staff center
 I unpacked once we got to the staff center.  My human claimed a couch to sleep on, and I put my stuff there too.  And then all the other staff came over and gushed over how cute I was with my new belt pouch.  (There's a staffer now who promises they'll help with my costume changes if my human is busy.  They're a very nice human.)

 The human and I have matching dresses and floral wreaths (mine is on the right and hers is on the left).  We looked adorable together.  We wore them to go to a tea party, and the players brought us gifts.  I had to give the pearl necklace back by the end of game because the human thought it was too expensive a gift.  They were real pearls, after all.  But it looked perfect on me and I really wanted to keep it for myself.  There was a set of little bronze cups too, but the human has plans for those.

Picking flowers during some downtime
The human and her friends (and the players) kept me busy the rest of the time (and amazingly did not lose anything of mine in the couch).  I had some time to go pick flowers and play on the tire swing and wander around in the woods.  I did not fall into the river.  I was very good and stayed on the banks because there was no lifeguard and the human would have been very very mad had I fallen in.  (And then she would have had to go find players to rescue me again.)  I had a great time and I will totally do this again in the fall.

Adventuring in the woods